This site is designed primarily to provide information for patients who have (or are suspected of having) a brain tumour. There is an emphasis on the surgical care of patients with brain tumours but other treatments are briefly explained. There is information on all the common brain tumours that I treat, including gliomas, meningiomas and metastases (secondary tumours).

I am a consultant neurosurgeon with a clinical practice dedicated to the management of patients with brain tumours. All neurosurgery for brain tumours in the Wessex region is performed at the Wessex Neurological Centre (WNC) at University Hospital Southampton, with some private outpatient consultations at Spire Southampton Hospital. Preliminary investigations and treatment may be commenced at one of many local hospitals and ongoing treatment and follow-up may also be performed locally.

All patients referred to us with a suspected or proven brain tumour are discussed at a weekly neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting in order to plan the optimal treatment for each individual patient. The term 'neuro-oncology' is used to describe the specialty concerning tumours of the nervous system.

Paul L Grundy


I performed "Awake brain surgery" on Channel 4 Surgery Live (26th May 2009).
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Find out more about Awake brain surgery.
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