Medicolegal work

I have been involved in medicolegal work throughout my entire consultant career since 2005. I only now act on clinical negligence cases in my specialty area of neuro-oncology (brain tumours) as my clinical practice is now entirely dedicated to that field. This is somewhat in contrast with many medicolegal experts who provide opinion over a wide portfolio of neurosurgery. My reports are always very thorough and have all been well received, working both for both claimants and defendants and as single and joint expert. I have attended court and my evidence was complimented by the legal team. I generally only take on <10 major cases per year.

I have significant previous and relevant experience to this work. I have attended the Bond Solon Excellence in Written Evidence Course, London, March 2006 and had subsequently written numerous medicolegal reports, principally in the field of personal injury in the past but more recently as an expert witness/independent reviewer for a number of negligence cases/serious adverse events in my specialty area of neuro-oncology. I have also given evidence in court in medical cases on a number of other occasions.

I have been an invited reviewer as part of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Invited Review Mechanism, carrying out a detailed review of neurosurgical practice at 2 major teaching hospitals. I have carried out invited internal reviews for my employers at UHS and for other trusts in the UK investigating complex cases. In my capacity as DCD I had oversight for all medicolegal cases in Division D, including neurosciences, cardiovascular and thoracics, trauma and orthopaedics and radiology. As Deputy Medical Director I had a lead role as case manager for all investigations and disciplinary procedures at UHS. I have trained as a case investigator and a case manager by NHS resolution. In my current role as Chief Medical Officer I have overall senior medical leadership responsibilities for medicolegal cases at our large NHS Trust.

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